China 10kW 80volt Transaxle do Motor Electrico Rear Axle Differential axle carrier

Product Number: rear axle differential
Auto Make: electrical car or tricycle
Warranty: twelve Months
Application: electric powered automobile vehicle
Duration: 1280mm
Max. Input Torque: 4mm for Automobile Automobile Helvetica” dimensions=”3″>6. Several protections (beneath-voltage and in excess of-voltage and large temperature)
Functions of Controller:Transform immediate recent of battery to alternating present.Recharge the battery throughout braking (regenerative effect).Receive driver’s instructions when accelerating or braking.Keep track of the operation of the driving system in get to make certain safety.In all, it is the mix of inverter, rectifier, and regulator.

Product Checklist
AC MotorRated Energy: 3kW-15kWRated Voltage: 48V-96VMax. Torque: 60N.m-140N.m
PMSM MotorRated Electricity: 3kW-100kWRated Voltage: 48V-576VMax. Torque: 60N.m-1000N.m
AC Motor ControllerRated Electricity: 3kW-15kWRated Voltage: 48V-96VMax. Existing: 250-500A
PMSM Motor ControllerRated Electricity: 3kW-100kWRated Voltage: 48V-576VMax. Existing: 300-500A
GearboxRatio:6:1/8:1/ten:1/12:oneTorque Potential:180N.mWeb Bodyweight:fifteen~30kg
Rear AxleRatio:6.5/8.6/10.5/twelve.31/14.5/sixteen.9/18.6Standard Duration:850mm/950mmBreak Sort:drum/disc hydraulic stress
Electric Car Energy System Education System
Circumstances 7.5kW AC Motor Driving System for Little Electric powered Vehicle
After calculation, we use the pursuing driving technique.
Motor Electrical power7.5/22.fiveMax. Torque (N.m)100
Speed (rpm)3000/6500Rated Voltage (V)DC72
The max. speed can reach 70km/h.
Creation & Provider R& FLIER 12v bldc motor 240 watts brushless gear motor substantial toque 24v brushless pmdc dc worm gear motor with driver D Department
We have a sturdy R&D group with many many years of encounter in locations these kinds of as electrical, electronics, software program, machinery, automation, and so on.
Manufacturing Centre
A entire set of processing equipment can assure the precision
Advanced automatic wire embedding system is to make certain the regularity
Semi-automatic manufacturing line will boost the productivity.
Motor GenerationSemi-automated manufacturing line: a lot more than 80% automation60 sets in a single shift once-a-year generation: 15,000 max. annual creation: 45,000 sets
Controller ManufacturingSemi-computerized controller creation line: far more than 80% automation100 models in a solitary change
Quality ManagementThe quality assurance department will supervise the generation method and the check products can insure the product top quality. Certifications Packing & Supply Normal bundle is picket box and it will be fumigated. Often cartons will be decided on if by air. If there are any special requirements, remember to speak to our revenue particular person.
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How to Identify an Axle

An axle is the central shaft that rotates a wheel or a gear. The axle may be fixed to a vehicle or to its wheels, and may include bearings for movement. The axle may also be connected to other parts of the vehicle, such as the suspension and steering systems. The axle may also include mounting points for bearings.

Identifying an axle

Identifying an axle is easy if you know what to look for. Identifying the axle is an important part of axle rebuilding. The first step in the process is to determine the make and model of the axle. This can be done by looking for the Bill of Materials number on the right or left tube.
When trying to identify an axle, it helps to know its dimensions, hub pattern, and number of bolts. The width of the axle can also help you determine its type. Wide axles are commonly used on light-duty pickup trucks, while narrow axles are typically found on sports cars. Once you’ve identified the type of axle, you can look for its bolt pattern. The diameter of the axle is another way to identify it.
Axle identification tags can also help you find an axle in a salvage yard. They are usually stamped with information that can help you determine the make, model, and gear ratio of a particular axle. It’s important to note that the tag’s information may change from one year to the next.
If you don’t know where to look for an axle tag, it’s probably a GM vehicle. GM vehicles are equipped with RPO codes, 3-character codes that designate various features of a vehicle. The stickers are usually located near the spare tire or in the glove box compartment. Simply scan the RPO code using your smartphone to obtain this information.
When changing an axle in a truck, it is imperative to identify the rear end first. Differential configurations and shapes can vary greatly, so you must be able to find the right one. Luckily, the process of identifying an axle is simple, and there are several ways to do it. The most common methods for identifying an axle are the axle tag number and the shape of the differential cover.


Axle inspection is an important part of the manufacturing process and must be carried out many times during its working life. There are many ways of inspecting an axle, including visual inspection and ultrasonic testing. Axles come in hollow and solid styles. Their dimensions vary depending on the type of rail that they are attached to. London Underground trains use a type of axle known as a VLU axle.
Inspection of axle flanges should be done at least once a year. The inspection process can vary depending on the type of axle and the type of repair required. Using a magnetic particle inspection can detect cracks in the axle flanges. Another method is HFEC, which detects cracks in the attach bolt holes.
The air springs should also be checked for chafing or damage. The front and rear spring hangers should be free of cracks or excessive movement. The front bushing should also be checked for deterioration and wear. Fasteners should also be checked for looseness and torque. If the fasteners are loose or damaged, replace them immediately.


It is important to get regular inspections of your car’s axle to avoid costly repairs. Fortunately, most axle repairs are relatively straightforward. All it takes is a few simple tools and a safe way to prop up your car. However, if you don’t feel confident performing a repair on your own, consider hiring a mechanic for the job.
Axles are one of the most commonly damaged parts of a car, and repairing one can help you keep the car in good shape for years to come. In fact, it can even improve the performance of your tires. If your car is experiencing serious problems, you should seek professional assistance to ensure a safe repair.
If you suspect an axle problem, it’s important to get it checked as soon as possible. Bad axles can cause a bumpy ride, affect tire rotation, cause grease to leak from the wheels, and even lead to a wreck. Ultimately, you’ll want to avoid driving your car if you suspect a problem with its axle.
Your car’s axle may make a clicking noise as it moves. It could also cause vibrations that affect your passengers or even the steering wheel. The axle is an important part of the car because it supports the weight of the car and keeps the wheels in place. If the problem affects your car’s handling, it might be time for an axle replacement.
You can tell if an axle is damaged by excessive vibrations or unusual noises. This can be caused by a number of problems, including overloading the vehicle, bad potholes, or even bad carrier bearings. When you hear this noise, you should seek professional help immediately to ensure the safety of your vehicle and your passengers. A bad axle can cause other car problems as well, such as a faulty ball joint or suspension problems.
China 10kW 80volt Transaxle do Motor Electrico Rear Axle Differential     axle carrierChina 10kW 80volt Transaxle do Motor Electrico Rear Axle Differential     axle carrier
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